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At just one year old, Coffee faced the challenge of kidney cancer. Despite the odds, he's proven to be strong and has been in remission for over 4 years now. Sadly, Coffee is now battling Nasal Lymphoma.
We have reached out to the owners of Coffee and wanted to support their cause as well as help to pay for the cancer treatments. 1% of the $WCC supply has been allocated for Coffee’s cancer treatments.
Together, we envision a future where partnerships like this are commonplace, where communities come together to support each other and where every pet receives the love and care they deserve.

Find our Coffee here
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White Coffee Cat

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BykkD9369RvXuEDbR7pTRz49b7cfLRTzHgSVoqK8gc15 BykkD9369RvXuEDbR7pTRz49b7cfLR

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